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New Patreon Subscribers FIle Access Page

Select Patreon subscribers get access to files a full 4 weeks before they’re released to the public.

The member page is publicly accessible here, but you’ll need a password to access the files. This password will change monthly and be made available to current Patreon subscribers. Thanks for your support!


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Patreon Launch – with a limited time special give away!

I’m officially announcing my new Patreon channel. As part of the introduction all members will be given a specially designed rocket just for patrons! This is a limited time special so please sign up soon!

My design files will be posted for sponsors a month before the general public, as well as some limited edition designs just for subscribers.

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Saturn V Part 3 Printing the SLA

Below the CSM comes the SLA (Service Module to Lunar Module Adapter). In this video I discuss some basic printing tricks that can significantly reduce the amount of plastic used and time required to print. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!


Macro for creating nose cones

On twitter I noticed someone struggling with OpenSCAD to create nose cone shapes when it occurred to me that I had a macro. I’d originally developed mine in OpenSCAD but quickly moved to FreeCAD and finalized development there. Sadly I have no idea what became of my OpenSCAD original.

It does have some FreeCAD specific stuff, but it’s written in Python so should be usable in other contexts. So it’s time to share.

You can download here

Saturn IB Part 9 – Recovery

Designing the recovery system is a challenge for any build. For the Saturn IB there are structural challenges, and concerns about maintaining the scale look of the final rocket. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Quick Build: Estes Centuri

It was time to take a break and build a rocket! In this video I build the Centuri, a skill level 2 rocket from Estes so it’s pretty easy. I’ve helpfully sped up most of the build and removed the parts where I waited for glue to dry.