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Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Build

Saturn V S-IVB Stage


On July 21, 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first human on the moon. This was achieved through a remarkable combination of political will and cutting edge engineering. It will forever stand as one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

To celebrate, I’m creating 1:52 scale model of the Saturn V SA-506 mission. It comes in two variants: an entirely 3D printed display version, and a flyable version that’s a mix of 3D printed and conventional high power rocket components.


The best way for you to see this in action is to follow my YouTube series.


Saturn V Part 3 Printing the SLA

Below the CSM comes the SLA (Service Module to Lunar Module Adapter). In this video I discuss some basic printing tricks that can significantly reduce the amount of plastic used and time required to print. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!