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Patreon account has been shuttered

Thank you to the supporters who have helped me through Patreon!

With the pandemic still ongoing, I’m unable to fly this year. This has slowed the pace of my builds and with it my videos. To be honest, I feel guilty taking your money. So I’ve retired the account indefinitely.

I’m still building, and still shooting video, so you will continue to see new updates. I’ll just do them at my own pace as I have something interesting to support.

Patreon Launch – with a limited time special give away!

I’m officially announcing my new Patreon channel. As part of the introduction all members will be given a specially designed rocket just for patrons! This is a limited time special so please sign up soon!

My design files will be posted for sponsors a month before the general public, as well as some limited edition designs just for subscribers.

Become a Patron!